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Name of CarYearYears Active*DesignerLink
'10 BMW M320112011Click Here!
'10 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake20112011-PresentClick Here!
'11 Corvette Grand Sport20112011Click Here!
'11 Dodge Charger R/T20112011-PresentClick Here!
'12 Ford Fiesta20112011-2012Click Here!
'63 Mustang II Concept20112011-PresentClick Here!
'63 Plymouth Belvedere 426 Max Wedge20112011Click Here!
'63 Studebaker Champ20112011Click Here!
'65 Ford Galaxie20112011Click Here!
'65 Ford Ranchero20112011-2013Click Here!
'65 Mercury Comet Cyclone20112011-2012Click Here!
'66 Chevelle20112011Click Here!
'67 Custom Ford Mustang Coupe20112011Click Here!
'67 Ford Bronco20112011Click Here!
'67 Oldsmobile 44220112011Click Here!
'68 COPO Camaro20112011Click Here!
'69 COPO Corvette20112011-2012Click Here!
'69 Shelby GT-50020112011-2012Click Here!
'70 Camaro Road Race20112011Click Here!
'70 Chevy Blazer20112011Click Here!
'70 Dodge Charger R/T20112011-PresentClick Here!
'70 Dodge Power Wagon20112011Click Here!
'70 Ford Mustang Boss 30220112011Click Here!
'70 Pontiac GTO Judge20112011Click Here!
'71 AMC Javelin20112011Click Here!
'71 Dodge Challenger20112011Click Here!
'72 Ford Gran Torino Sport20112011Brendon VetuskeyClick Here!
'73 Plymouth Duster20112011Click Here!
'74 Chevy Vega Pro Stock20112011Click Here!
1951 GMC C.O.E.20112011Click Here!
24 Ours20112011-2012Click Here!
A Team Van20112011Click Here!
Arkham Asylum Batmobile20112011Click Here!
Aston Martin One-7720112011-PresentClick Here!
Astro Funk20112011Click Here!
Back To The Future Time Machine20112011-2012Click Here!
Blvd. Bruiser20112011-PresentClick Here!
Bucket O' Speed20112011Click Here!
Bulls Eye MHP20112011Click Here!
Buzzerk20112011-PresentDave SheltmanClick Here!
Circle Trucker20112011Click Here!
Custom '11 Camaro20112011-PresentClick Here!
Custom '56 Volkswagen Drag Beetle20112011Click Here!
Danica Patrick 2010 Chevy Impala20112011Click Here!
Danicar20112011Click Here!
Dasch N' Dog20112011Click Here!
Diesel Duty20112011Click Here!
Dirty Outlaw20112011-PresentClick Here!
Dodge Challenger Drift Car20112011Click Here!
El Superfasto20112011-2013Click Here!
Fast Cash20112011Click Here!
Ferrari FF20112011-2013Click Here!
Hammerhead20112011Click Here!
Haulin' Gas20112011Click Here!
Honda S200020112011Click Here!
Hyundai Genesis Coupe20112011Click Here!
Jammin' Jesse20112011Click Here!
Lamborghini Estoque20112011Click Here!
Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera20112011Click Here!
Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670-4 Superveloce20112011Click Here!
Land Speed Lenny20112011Click Here!
Megane Trophy20112011Click Here!
Mini Challenge20112011Click Here!
Mustang Funny Car (II)20112011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-R20112011Click Here!
Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X20112011Jun ImaiClick Here!
Porsche 911 GT3 RS (I)20112011Click Here!
RC20112011Click Here!
Rennen Rig20112011Click Here!
Retro-Active20112011-PresentClick Here!
Rocky Road20112011Click Here!
Smokin' Grille20112011Click Here!
Speed Trap20112011-2013Click Here!
Super Blitzen20112011Click Here!
Twinduction20112011Click Here!
Volkswagen Brasilia20112011-2013Click Here!
Woody Wagon20112011Click Here!
Zurg GT20112011Click Here!
*Automatically calculated based on listings in database. May be incorrect if all versions of casting are not in database
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