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Name of CarYearYears Active*DesignerLink
'27 Miller20042004Click Here!
'34 Ford20042004-2010Larry WoodClick Here!
'49 Merc Convertible20042004-2012Larry WoodClick Here!
'57 Chevy Bel-Air20042004-2010Larry WoodClick Here!
'58 Ford Thunderbird20042004-2009Click Here!
'63 Chevy Impala20042004-2011Click Here!
'65 Pontiac GTO20042004-2011Larry WoodClick Here!
'68 Dodge Dart20042004-2011Larry WoodClick Here!
'69 Brawner Hawk20042004Rob MatthesClick Here!
'84 Pontiac20042004-2010Click Here!
16 Angels20042004-PresentNathan ProchClick Here!
1933 Ford Lo Boy20042004-2009Click Here!
1947 Chevy Fleetline20042004-2009Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
1962 Chevy 409 Bubble Top20042004-2009Larry WoodClick Here!
1964 Chevy Impala20042004-2010Dave WeiseClick Here!
1968 Nova20042004-2013Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
1969 Dodge Charger20042004-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
1970 Mercury Cyclone20042004-2005Click Here!
1971 Mustang Funny Car20042004-2012Click Here!
1972 Dodge Charger20042004-2007Click Here!
1980's Batmobile20042004Click Here!
2001 B Engineering Edonis20042004-2006Mark JonesClick Here!
2004 Batmobile20042004-2006,2015-PresentClick Here!
2004 Mustang GT Concept20042004-PresentDave WeiseClick Here!
Asphalt Assault20042004-PresentPhil RiehlmanClick Here!
B-Machine20042004Glenn YuClick Here!
Bedlam20042004-2013Mike NuttallClick Here!
Bedtime20042004Larry WoodClick Here!
Blings 1972 Plymouth Barracuda20042004Click Here!
Blings Avalanche20042004-2005Mark JonesClick Here!
Blings Cadillac Escalade20042004Steve MoranClick Here!
Blings Dairy Delivery20042004-2006Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Blings Hummer H220042004-2007Dave WeiseClick Here!
Blings Hyperliner20042004-2006Fraser CampbellClick Here!
Blings Lotus Esprit20042004Fraser CampbellClick Here!
Brick Cutter20042004-2005Dwayne VanceClick Here!
Brutalistic20042004-2013Mark JonesClick Here!
Buzz Off (II)20042004-2006,2015-PresentJohn RealeClick Here!
C6 Corvette (I)20042004-2013Larry WoodClick Here!
Cadillac Escalade EXT20042003-2009Click Here!
Cadillac Sixteen20042004-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Cool One (II)20042004-2011Mark JonesClick Here!
Crooze Batmobile20042004Jack ChenClick Here!
Crooze Low Flow20042004-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
CUL8R20042004-PresentMark JonesClick Here!
Dodge Neon20042004-2011Eric TscherneClick Here!
Dodge Ram Pickup20042004Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Dodge Tomahawk20042004-2007Mark JonesClick Here!
Duplified20042004Dwayne VanceClick Here!
Exhausted20042004Eric TscherneClick Here!
F-Racer20042004-2012Fraser CampbellClick Here!
Fast Fuse20042004-2005Dwayne VanceClick Here!
Fatbax 2004 Mustang GT20042004Mike NuttallClick Here!
Fatbax C6 Corvette20042004Jonathan BedfordClick Here!
Fatbax Plymouth Barracuda20042004-2005Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Fatbax Shelby Cobra 427 S/C20042004-2005Mark JonesClick Here!
Fatbax Silhouette20042004Rob MatthesClick Here!
Fatbax Toyota Supra20042004Eric TscherneClick Here!
Furiosity20042004-2006Nathan ProchClick Here!
Gov'nor20042004-PresentFraser CampbellClick Here!
Grandy Lusion20042004Mark JonesClick Here!
Hardnoze '49 Merc20042004-2006Dwayne VanceClick Here!
Hardnoze 1959 Chevy Truck20042004Jonathan BedfordClick Here!
Hardnoze 1974 Chevy Monte Carlo20042004Mark JonesClick Here!
Hardnoze 2 Cool20042004-2005Larry WoodClick Here!
Hardnoze Batmobile20042004Dwayne VanceClick Here!
Hardnoze Cadillac V-16 Concept20042004-2010Dwayne VanceClick Here!
Hardnoze Dodge Neon20042004-2005Mark JonesClick Here!
Hardnoze Toyota Celica20042004Jonathan BedfordClick Here!
Hardnoze Twin Mill20042004-2006Dwayne VanceClick Here!
Hi-IQ20042004,2013Mark JonesClick Here!
Hummer H2 (I)20042004-2010Click Here!
Hummer H3T20042004-2009Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
JackNabbit Special20042004Nathan ProchClick Here!
LeMelt20042004Mark JonesClick Here!
Lotus Sport Elise20042004-2011Mark JonesClick Here!
Mad Propz20042004-2011Steve MoranClick Here!
Maserati Quattroporte20042004Mark JonesClick Here!
Mercedes CL5520042004Larry WoodClick Here!
Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG20042004-2009Larry WoodClick Here!
Mercy Breaker20042004-2006Dwayne VanceClick Here!
Mitsubishi Eclipse (II)20042004-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Mitsubishi Pajero Evoultion20042004-PresentJonathan BedfordClick Here!
Mustang Funny Car (I)20042004-2012Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Off Track20042004-2013Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Ooz Coupe20042004-2009Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Out-A-Line20042004Nathan ProchClick Here!
Ozzenberg20042004Larry WoodClick Here!
Phantom Racer20042004-2010Click Here!
Pit Cruiser20042004-2012Greg PadgintonClick Here!
Power Sander20042004-PresentPhil RiehlmanClick Here!
Rapid Transit (II)20042004-2013Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Rockster20042004-2011Eric TscherneClick Here!
Shift Kicker20042004-2007Larry WoodClick Here!
Shredded20042004-2007Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Sir Ominous20042004-2013Dwayne VanceClick Here!
Sixy Beast20042004-2006Fraser CampbellClick Here!
Slikt Back20042004-2005Rob MatthesClick Here!
Super Gnat20042004-PresentMark JonesClick Here!
Suzuki GSX R/420042004-2007Mark JonesClick Here!
Swoopy Do20042004-PresentMark JonesClick Here!
Tooned 1963 Corvette20042004-2010Jack ChenClick Here!
Tooned 1964 Impala20042004Dwayne VanceClick Here!
Tooned 1969 Camaro Z2820042004-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Tooned C6 Corvette20042004Eric TscherneClick Here!
Tooned Chevy S-1020042004-2006Eric TscherneClick Here!
Tooned Deora20042004-2005Dwayne VanceClick Here!
Tooned Enzo Ferrari20042004-2008Mark JonesClick Here!
Tooned Ferrari 360 Modena20042004-2006Eric TscherneClick Here!
Tooned Lamborghini Countach20042004Fraser CampbellClick Here!
Tooned Splittin' Image20042004Rob MatthesClick Here!
Tooned Toyota MR220042004Alec TamClick Here!
Tooned Toyota Supra20042004-2006Eric TscherneClick Here!
Torque Screw20042004-2013Eric TscherneClick Here!
Toyota Baja Truck20042004-PresentClick Here!
Trak Tune20042004-PresentMark JonesClick Here!
Two 2 Go20042004-2005Larry WoodClick Here!
VW Drag Truck20042004-2010Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
W-Oozie20042004-2012John HandyClick Here!
Wail Tale20042004Rob MatthesClick Here!
What-4-220042004-2013Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
X-Treemster20042004-2007Click Here!
*Automatically calculated based on listings in database. May be incorrect if all versions of casting are not in database
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