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Name of CarYearYears Active*DesignerLink
T-4-219711971Larry WoodClick Here!
T-Bird Spoiler
Also known as: TNT Bird
19701970,2006-2010Ira GilfordClick Here!
T-Bird Stocker (I)19901990-2007Larry WoodClick Here!
T-Bird Stocker (II)19941994-2005Click Here!
T-Bucket19891989-2010Larry WoodClick Here!
T-Rextroyer20102010-PresentAlec TamClick Here!
T-Totaller19771977-1985,2011Larry WoodClick Here!
Also known as: Space Van
19791979-1984Click Here!
Tail Dragger19981998-2012Click Here!
Tail Gunner19871987-2001Larry WoodClick Here!
Talbot Lago19881988-2006Larry WoodClick Here!
Tall Ryder19851985-1996Larry WoodClick Here!
Tangler ATV20102010Click Here!
Tank Gunner19761976-1977,1985-1996Larry WoodClick Here!
Tank Truck19921992-1999Larry WoodClick Here!
Tanknator20162016-PresentClick Here!
Tantrum20022002-2012Eric TscherneClick Here!
Tarmac Attack20132013Click Here!
Taxi19821982-1985Larry WoodClick Here!
Team Bus
Also known as: Rapid Transit (I)
19821982-1993Larry WoodClick Here!
Team Hot Wheels Buggy20132013Sam BrownClick Here!
Team Trailer19711971Ira GilfordClick Here!
Technetium20052005-PresentDwayne VanceClick Here!
Also known as: Technetium
20052005-PresentDwayne VanceClick Here!
Tee'd Off
Also known as: Fore Wheeler
19991999-2007Nathan ProchClick Here!
Tee'd Off 220152015-PresentClick Here!
Teegray20102010-PresentJohn VioletteClick Here!
Terrain Storm20162016-PresentLarry WoodClick Here!
Tesla Model S20152015-PresentRyu AsadaClick Here!
Tesla Model X20172017-PresentClick Here!
Tesla Roadster
Also known as: 2008 Tesla Roadster
20082008-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Texas Drive 'Em20092009-2012Larry WoodClick Here!
The Bat20122012Click Here!
The Batman Batmobile
Also known as: Animated Batmobile
20072007-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
The Beatles Yellow Submarine20162016-PresentClick Here!
The Dark Knight Batmobile
Also known as: Batman Begins Batmobile
20052005-2012Click Here!
The Demon19701970-1983,1993-2010Ira GilfordClick Here!
The Embosser20172017-PresentClick Here!
The Flash20122012Click Here!
The Haulinator20152015-PresentClick Here!
The Homer20142014-PresentManson CheungClick Here!
The Hood19711971-1973Larry WoodClick Here!
The Jetsons Capsule Car20142014-PresentClick Here!
The Joker20122012Click Here!
The Mystery Machine20122012Click Here!
The Prowler
Also known as: The Demon
19701970-1983,1993-2010Ira GilfordClick Here!
The Simpsons Family Car20152015-PresentManson CheungClick Here!
The Vanster20142014-PresentFraser CampbellClick Here!
The Zentner20102010Click Here!
Thomassima III20002000-2005Greg PadgintonClick Here!
Thor20142014-PresentBryan BenedictClick Here!
Thunder Roller19831983,1996,2004-2010Larry WoodClick Here!
Thunderburner19841984-1996Larry WoodClick Here!
Thunderstreak19831983-2002Larry WoodClick Here!
Time Attaxi20162016-PresentJun ImaiClick Here!
Time Tracker20132013Click Here!
Tipper19981997-1998Click Here!
Tire Fryer20032003-2007Click Here!
TNT Bird19701970,2006-2010Ira GilfordClick Here!
Tomb Up20102010Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Tooligan20102010-PresentPhil RiehlmanClick Here!
Tooned 1940 Pick Up Truck20032003-2004Click Here!
Tooned 1963 Corvette20042004-2010Jack ChenClick Here!
Tooned 1964 Impala20042004Dwayne VanceClick Here!
Tooned 1968 Mustang20032003-2012Click Here!
Tooned 1969 Camaro Z2820042004-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Tooned 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge20032003-2010Click Here!
Tooned 1970 Dodge Charger Daytona20032003-2010Click Here!
Tooned C6 Corvette20042004Eric TscherneClick Here!
Tooned Cadillac Escalade20032003-2008Click Here!
Tooned Chevy S-1020042004-2006Eric TscherneClick Here!
Tooned Deora20042004-2005Dwayne VanceClick Here!
Tooned Enzo Ferrari20042004-2008Mark JonesClick Here!
Tooned Ferrari 360 Modena20042004-2006Eric TscherneClick Here!
Tooned Ford Lightning20032003-2011Dave WeiseClick Here!
Tooned Lamborghini Countach20042004Fraser CampbellClick Here!
Tooned Mercy Breaker
Also known as: Mercy Breaker
20042004-2006Dwayne VanceClick Here!
Tooned Mitsubishi Eclipse20032003-2009Eric TscherneClick Here!
Tooned Splittin' Image20042004Rob MatthesClick Here!
Tooned Toyota MR220042004Alec TamClick Here!
Tooned Toyota Supra20042004-2006Eric TscherneClick Here!
Top Eliminator
Also known as: Plymouth Barracuda Funny Car
19701970-1985,1994-2007Larry WoodClick Here!
Tor-Speedo20052005-2007Greg PadgintonClick Here!
Torero19691969Ira GilfordClick Here!
Torino Stocker19751975-1986Larry WoodClick Here!
Torpedo Jones20022002-2010Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Torpedoes 1971 Dodge Charger20052005Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Torpedoes Itso-Skeenie
Also known as: Itso-Skeenie
20052005-2006Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Torpedoes Slider
Also known as: Slider
20052005-2006Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Torpedoes Suburu Impreza WRX20052005Jun ImaiClick Here!
Torpedoes Tor-Speedo
Also known as: Tor-Speedo
20052005-2007Greg PadgintonClick Here!
Torpedoes Willys Coupe20052005Greg PadgintonClick Here!
Torque Screw20042004-2013Eric TscherneClick Here!
Torque Twister20102010-2011Click Here!
Tough Customer
Also known as: Big Bertha
19751975-1996Larry WoodClick Here!
Tour De Fast20162016-PresentTyler CharestClick Here!
Tow Jam19981998-2012Nathan ProchClick Here!
Tow Truck
Also known as: Heavyweights Tow Truck
19701970,2004-2008Ira GilfordClick Here!
Toyota 2000 GT20132013Click Here!
Toyota AE-8620062006-2010Jun ImaiClick Here!
Toyota Baja Truck20042004-PresentClick Here!
Toyota Celica20012001-2008Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Toyota Land Cruiser FJ4020102010-2011Click Here!
Toyota MR2 Rally19911991-2008Larry WoodClick Here!
Toyota RSC20022002-PresentClick Here!
Toyota Supra (I)
Also known as: Tooned Toyota Supra
20042004-2006Eric TscherneClick Here!
Toyota Supra (II)
Also known as: Fatbax Toyota Supra
20042004Eric TscherneClick Here!
Toyota Supra (III)20132013Click Here!
Track Hammer20172017-PresentClick Here!
Track T19991999-2012Mark JonesClick Here!
Tractor19921992-2000,2010-PresentLarry WoodClick Here!
Also known as: Roll Patrol
19821982-2010Larry WoodClick Here!
Trak Tune20042004-PresentMark JonesClick Here!
Trash Truck19821982-1987Larry WoodClick Here!
Tread Air20092009-PresentMark JonesClick Here!
Treadator19931993-2005Larry WoodClick Here!
Tred Shredder20122012-PresentClick Here!
Tri & Stop Me20092009-2011John VioletteClick Here!
Tri-Baby19701970-1977,2009Larry WoodClick Here!
Tri-Baby Too20092009Larry WoodClick Here!
Tricar X819801980-1989Larry WoodClick Here!
Trim TRK20052005Eric SoClick Here!
Triumph TR620092009-2011John VioletteClick Here!
Troop Convoy19841984-1996Larry WoodClick Here!
Troy Soldier20122012Click Here!
Tucker Torpedo20092009-2011Larry WoodClick Here!
Turbine Time20152015-PresentLarry WoodClick Here!
Turbo Chunk20102010Click Here!
Turbo Flame19961996-2006Greg PadgintonClick Here!
Turbo Heater19841984-1986Larry WoodClick Here!
Turbo Mustang19801980-1985Larry WoodClick Here!
Turbo Rooster20172017-PresentClick Here!
Turbo Streak19831983-1999Larry WoodClick Here!
Turbo Turret20132013-PresentClick Here!
Turbo Wedge19801980-1983Larry WoodClick Here!
Turboa19861986-1997,2006Larry WoodClick Here!
Turbofire19691969Ira GilfordClick Here!
Turbolence19991999-2008Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Turbot20162016-PresentTyler CharestClick Here!
Turismo19811981-1985Larry WoodClick Here!
Tusken Raider20142014-PresentClick Here!
Twang Thang19961996-2003Bruce BaurClick Here!
Twin Mill19691969-1977,1993-PresentIra GilfordClick Here!
Twin Mill II19931993-2006Bruce BaurClick Here!
Twin Mill III20082008-2010Josh HensonClick Here!
Twinduction20112011Click Here!
Two 2 Go20042004-2005Larry WoodClick Here!
Two-Face20122012Click Here!
Two-Timer20142014-PresentKevin CaoClick Here!
Tyrrell P34 Six Wheeler20102010Click Here!
*Automatically calculated based on listings in database. May be incorrect if all versions of casting are not in database
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