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Name of CarYearYears Active*DesignerLink
F-Racer20042004-2012Fraser CampbellClick Here!
F1 Race Car19961996Click Here!
F1 Racer20092009-2011Fraser CampbellClick Here!
F1 Vehicle
Also known as: GP-2009
19991999-2012Click Here!
Fairlady 200020172017-PresentJun ImaiClick Here!
Falcon20142014-PresentMark JonesClick Here!
Fandango20012001-2013Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Fangore20102010Click Here!
Also known as: Dragon Wagon
19861986-1988,1996,2010-2011Larry WoodClick Here!
Fangula20102010-2013Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Fast 4WD20142014-PresentMiguel LopezClick Here!
Fast Cash20112011Click Here!
Fast FeLion20092009-2011Fraser CampbellClick Here!
Fast Fish20082008-2011Fraser CampbellClick Here!
Fast Fortress20072007-2009Mike FinizzaClick Here!
Fast Fuse20042004-2005Dwayne VanceClick Here!
Fast Gassin20092009-2013John VioletteClick Here!
Fast-Bed Hauler20142014-PresentAbe LugoClick Here!
Fat Fendered '4019831983-2009Larry WoodClick Here!
Fatbax 2004 Mustang GT20042004Mike NuttallClick Here!
Fatbax C6 Corvette20042004Jonathan BedfordClick Here!
Fatbax Plymouth Barracuda20042004-2005Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Fatbax Shelby Cobra 427 S/C20042004-2005Mark JonesClick Here!
Fatbax Silhouette20042004Rob MatthesClick Here!
Fatbax Toyota Supra20042004Eric TscherneClick Here!
Fathom This19981998-2007Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Ferrari 15620012001-2009Mark JonesClick Here!
Ferrari 25019911991-2009Larry WoodClick Here!
Ferrari 250 California20132013Click Here!
Ferrari 250 GT LM20072007Mark JonesClick Here!
Ferrari 250 GTO20092009-2010Click Here!
Ferrari 288 GTO20082008-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Ferrari 30819781978-2004Larry WoodClick Here!
Ferrari 308 GTS19961996-1997Click Here!
Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole20092009-2012John VioletteClick Here!
Ferrari 312P19701970-1977Ira GilfordClick Here!
Ferrari 330 P4
Also known as: Ferrari P4
20022002-2013Mark JonesClick Here!
Ferrari 333 SP20002000-2011Mark JonesClick Here!
Ferrari 348 (I)19911991-2009Larry WoodClick Here!
Ferrari 348 (II)19961996Click Here!
Ferrari 360 Modena (I)19991999-2010Michael KollinsClick Here!
Ferrari 360 Modena (II)
Also known as: Tooned Ferrari 360 Modena
20042004-2006Eric TscherneClick Here!
Ferrari 360 Modena (III)
Also known as: X-Raycers Ferrari 360 Modena
20052005-2008Click Here!
Ferrari 365 GTB/420002000-2009Michael KollinsClick Here!
Ferrari 365 GTS420092009-2010John VioletteClick Here!
Ferrari 430 Scuderia20092009-PresentJohn VioletteClick Here!
Ferrari 456M19991999-2009Michael KollinsClick Here!
Ferrari 458 Italia20102010-2011Click Here!
Ferrari 458 Spider20122012-PresentClick Here!
Ferrari 512 M20062006-2013Mark JonesClick Here!
Ferrari 512S19721972-1973Paul TamClick Here!
Ferrari 550 Maranello20002000-2009Michael KollinsClick Here!
Ferrari 575 GTC20052005-2011Mark JonesClick Here!
Ferrari 599 GTB20072007-2011Rob MatthesClick Here!
Ferrari 599XX20102010Click Here!
Ferrari 612 Scaglietti20092009-PresentAlec TamClick Here!
Ferrari California20092009-2011John VioletteClick Here!
Ferrari Dino 246 GT20082008Click Here!
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta20132013Click Here!
Ferrari F355 Berlinetta19951994-2004Click Here!
Ferrari F355 Challange19991999-2010Michael KollinsClick Here!
Ferrari F355 Spider19991999-2009Michael KollinsClick Here!
Ferrari F4019891989-2002,2014-PresentLarry WoodClick Here!
Ferrari F430 Challenge20092009-2012John VioletteClick Here!
Ferrari F430 Spider20062006-2011Sei ChoClick Here!
Ferrari F50 Convertible19961994-1998Michael KollinsClick Here!
Ferrari F50 Hardtop19991999-2011Michael KollinsClick Here!
Ferrari F512M19981998-2012Click Here!
Ferrari FF20112011-2013Click Here!
Ferrari FXX20082008-2013Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Ferrari P420022002-2013Mark JonesClick Here!
Ferrari Testarossa (I)19871987-1998Larry WoodClick Here!
Ferrari Testarossa (II)19961996-1997Click Here!
Fiat 50020142014-PresentRyu AsadaClick Here!
Fiat 500c19991999-PresentPhil RiehlmanClick Here!
Fiat Ritmo19831983-1987Larry WoodClick Here!
Fiero 2M4
Also known as: Pontiac Fiero 2M4
19851985-1997Larry WoodClick Here!
Fig Rig20132013Click Here!
Fire Chaser
Also known as: Sheriff Patrol
19781978-1996Larry WoodClick Here!
Fire Chief Cruiser
Also known as: Custom Police Cruiser
19691969-1970Harry BradleyClick Here!
Fire Eater II19971997Click Here!
Fire-Eater19771977-PresentLarry WoodClick Here!
Firebird Funny Car (I)19821982-2002Larry WoodClick Here!
Firebird Funny Car (II)19971997-2008Michael KollinsClick Here!
Firestorm20052005-PresentMark JonesClick Here!
Fish'd & Chip'd20032003-2011Fraser CampbellClick Here!
Flame Runner
Also known as: Science Friction
19781978-1993Larry WoodClick Here!
Flame Stopper19881988-2010Larry WoodClick Here!
Flame Stopper II19971997Click Here!
Flash Drive20172017-PresentClick Here!
Flashfire19921991-2005Larry WoodClick Here!
Flat Out 442
Also known as: 442 Much
19791979-1984Click Here!
Flathead Fury20052005-PresentMark JonesClick Here!
Flattery20052005-2007Mark JonesClick Here!
Flight '0320032003-2013Mark JonesClick Here!
Flinstones Flintmobile (I)19951995Click Here!
Flintstones Flintmobile (II)20132013Click Here!
Fly-By20142014-PresentClick Here!
Ford Aerostar19911991-1995Larry WoodClick Here!
Ford Anglia 105E20032003-2011Click Here!
Ford Bronco19811981-2003Larry WoodClick Here!
Ford Bronco Concept20052005Rob MatthesClick Here!
Ford Dump Truck
Also known as: Ford Stake Bed Truck
19821982-2001,2010Larry WoodClick Here!
Ford Escort19831983-1985Larry WoodClick Here!
Ford Escort Rally
Also known as: Escort Rally
19981998-2009Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Ford F-15019971997-2003Michael KollinsClick Here!
Ford F-150 (II)
Also known as: 2009 Ford F-150
20092009-2012John VioletteClick Here!
Ford F-150 Lifted20062006-2012Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Ford F-25020152015-PresentClick Here!
Ford Falcon Race Car20122012Click Here!
Ford Focus20012001-2004Eric TscherneClick Here!
Ford Focus Rally20052005-2012Click Here!
Ford Focus RS20102010-PresentClick Here!
Ford Fusion20062006-PresentPhil RiehlmanClick Here!
Ford Gangster Grin
Also known as: Gangster Grin
20082008-PresentClick Here!
Ford GT LM20092009-2011John VioletteClick Here!
Ford GT-4019991999-2010Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Ford GT-9019981998-2010Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Ford GTX-120072007-2011Bryan BenedictClick Here!
Ford J-Car19681968,2010Harry BradleyClick Here!
Ford LTL19821982,1991-1992Click Here!
Ford Mk IV19691969Ira GilfordClick Here!
Ford Mustang Fastback20082008-PresentAlec TamClick Here!
Ford Mustang GT Concept
Also known as: 2004 Mustang GT Concept
20042004-PresentDave WeiseClick Here!
Ford Shelby Cobra Concept20052005-2011Mark JonesClick Here!
Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept20052005-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Ford Shelby GT350R20162016-PresentDave RootClick Here!
Ford Sierra
Also known as: Ford XR4TI
19961996-1997Click Here!
Ford Stake Bed Truck19821982-2001,2010Larry WoodClick Here!
Ford Super De Luxe
Also known as: '48 Ford Super De Luxe
20142014-PresentClick Here!
Ford Taurus Race Car19991999-2002Click Here!
Ford Thunderbolt20012001-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Ford Transit19961996Click Here!
Ford Transit Connect
Also known as: Hot Wheels Ford Transit Connect
20142014-PresentFraser CampbellClick Here!
Ford Transit Supervan20152015-PresentClick Here!
Ford Transit Wrecker19971997Click Here!
Ford XR4TI19961996-1997Click Here!
Fore Wheeler19991999-2007Nathan ProchClick Here!
Forklift19801980-2001Larry WoodClick Here!
Formul8R20052005-PresentRob MatthesClick Here!
Formula 500019761976-1984Larry WoodClick Here!
Formula Fever
Also known as: Thunderstreak
19831983-2002Larry WoodClick Here!
Formula Flashback20162016-PresentClick Here!
Formula P.A.C.K
Also known as: Lightning Gold
19741974-1985Click Here!
Formula Street20102010-PresentClick Here!
Four-120092009-2010Alec TamClick Here!
Fozzie Bear20132013Click Here!
Fright Bike20012001-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Front Engine Fuel Dragster20092009Click Here!
Front Runnin' Fairmont
Also known as: '81 Ford Fairmont
19821982-1986,1995Larry WoodClick Here!
Fuel Tanker19711971Ira GilfordClick Here!
Funny Car
Also known as: Probe Funny Car
19901990-2004Larry WoodClick Here!
Funny Money19721972-1977,2008-2010Larry WoodClick Here!
Funny Side Up20122012Click Here!
Furiosity20042004-2006Nathan ProchClick Here!
Futurismo20162016-PresentFraser CampbellClick Here!
*Automatically calculated based on listings in database. May be incorrect if all versions of casting are not in database
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