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Name of CarYearYears Active*DesignerLink
D-Muscle20152015-PresentClick Here!
Da' Kar20032003-PresentMark JonesClick Here!
Dairy Delivery19981998-PresentPhil RiehlmanClick Here!
Danica Patrick 2010 Chevy Impala20112011-2012Click Here!
Danicar20112011Click Here!
Dante19991999Click Here!
Darth Maul20142014Click Here!
Darth Vader20142014Bryan BenedictClick Here!
Dasch N' Dog20112011Click Here!
Datsun 200SX19821982-1985Larry WoodClick Here!
Datsun 240Z20062006-PresentPhil RiehlmanClick Here!
Datsun 62020142014Jun ImaiClick Here!
Datsun Bluebird 51020092009-PresentJun ImaiClick Here!
Dawgzilla20162016-PresentClick Here!
Deco Delivery20092009-2010Larry WoodClick Here!
Delivery Van
Also known as: Combat Medic
19771977-2012Larry WoodClick Here!
DeLorean DMC-12
Also known as: '81 DeLorean DMC-12
20102010-2012Manson CheungClick Here!
Deora19681968-1970,1994-2011Harry BradleyClick Here!
Deora II20002000-2012Nathan ProchClick Here!
Deuce Roadster20002000-2011Greg PadgintonClick Here!
Diesel Boy20062006-2012Jun ImaiClick Here!
Diesel Duty20112011-2012Click Here!
Digger19971997Click Here!
Dinghy Trailer19971997Click Here!
Dirt Rover
Also known as: Digger
19971997Click Here!
Dirty Outlaw20112011-PresentClick Here!
Dixie Challenger19811981-1986,2009-2014Larry WoodClick Here!
Dixie Chopper19971997Click Here!
Dodge Caravan19981998-2009Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Dodge Challenger Concept20072007-2012Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Dodge Challenger Drift Car20112011-2012Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Dodge Challenger Funny Car20052005-2011Click Here!
Dodge Challenger SRT820082008-2012Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Dodge Charger Drift Car20102010-PresentJun ImaiClick Here!
Dodge Charger R/T20002000-2009Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Dodge Charger SRT820072007-2011Sei ChoClick Here!
Dodge Charger Stock Car20052005-2012Click Here!
Dodge Concept Car19981998-2009Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Dodge D-5019801980-1986Larry WoodClick Here!
Dodge M8020032003-2009Click Here!
Dodge Magnum
Also known as: Blings Dodge Magnum
20052005Sei ChoClick Here!
Dodge Neon20042004-2011Eric TscherneClick Here!
Dodge Power Wagon20002000-2007Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Dodge Ram 1500 (I)19951995-2007Click Here!
Dodge Ram 1500 (II)20072007-2010Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Dodge Ram Pickup20042004Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Dodge Rampage
Also known as: 1982 Dodge Rampage
19841984-1986Larry WoodClick Here!
Dodge Sidewinder19981998-2009Mark JonesClick Here!
Dodge Super 8 Hemi20052005Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Dodge Tomahawk20042004-2007Mark JonesClick Here!
Dodge Viper GTS-R20012001-2012Mark JonesClick Here!
Dodge Viper RT/1019931993-2012Michael KollinsClick Here!
Dodge XP-0720082008-2014Click Here!
Dogfighter19961996-2006Mark JonesClick Here!
Double Deck Bus19831983-1984Larry WoodClick Here!
Double Demon (I)19861986-1996,2010-PresentLarry WoodClick Here!
Double Demon (II)
Also known as: The Demon
19701970-1983,1993-2010Ira GilfordClick Here!
Double Header19731973Click Here!
Double Vision (I)
Also known as: Speed Machine
19701970-1973,1983-1987,1996-2004Click Here!
Double Vision (II)19981998-2009Mark JonesClick Here!
Drag Dairy20132013-PresentPhil RiehlmanClick Here!
Draggin' Tail20092009-2014Rob MatthesClick Here!
Dragon Blaster20102010Jun ImaiClick Here!
Dragon Wagon19861986-1988,1996,2010-2011Larry WoodClick Here!
Dragster19941991-2008Click Here!
Dragtor20082008-2012Jun ImaiClick Here!
Dream Van XGW19841984-1986Larry WoodClick Here!
Drift King20072007-2013Mark JonesClick Here!
Drift Rod20132013Click Here!
Drift Tech20052005-2008Fraser CampbellClick Here!
Driftsta20152015-PresentClick Here!
Drop Top20052005Dave SheltmanClick Here!
Drop Top 1963 Corvette Sting Ray20052005Larry WoodClick Here!
Drop Tops Mid Drift20052005-2008Glenn YuClick Here!
Ducati 1098R20102010-2012Click Here!
Ducati 1199 Panigale20142014Click Here!
Ducati Diavel20132013Click Here!
Duel Fueler20082008-PresentGreg PadgintonClick Here!
Dump Truck19801980-1982,1990-1998Larry WoodClick Here!
Dumpin' A19791979-1984Click Here!
Dune Daddy
Also known as: Sand Crab
19701970-1983,2007-2008Click Here!
Dune It Up20092009-PresentPhil RiehlmanClick Here!
Duplified20042004Dwayne VanceClick Here!
Also known as: 2011 Indycar Oval Course Race Car
20122012Click Here!
*Automatically calculated based on listings in database. May be incorrect if all versions of casting are not in database
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