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Name of CarYearYears Active*DesignerLink
B-Machine20042004Glenn YuClick Here!
Baby Boomer19991999-2006Dave WeiseClick Here!
Back Burner
Also known as: Science Friction
19781978-1993Larry WoodClick Here!
Back Slider20102010-2013Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Back To The Future Time Machine20112011-2012Manson CheungClick Here!
Back To The Future Time Machine Hover Mode20152015-PresentManson CheungClick Here!
Backdraft20022002-2013Fraser CampbellClick Here!
Backdrafter20152015-PresentClick Here!
Backwoods Bomb19751975-1977,2013Larry WoodClick Here!
Bad Bagger20072007-2012Larry WoodClick Here!
Bad Mudder19981998Mark JonesClick Here!
Bad Mudder 220082008-2014Jun ImaiClick Here!
Bad Ratitude20132013Click Here!
Bad To The Blade20122012Click Here!
Baja Bone Shaker20132013-PresentClick Here!
Baja Breaker19781978-1993,2004-2012Larry WoodClick Here!
Baja Bruiser19741974-1982,2009-PresentClick Here!
Baja Bug19841984-PresentLarry WoodClick Here!
Baja Hauler20172017-PresentRyu AsadaClick Here!
Baja Truck20122012-PresentClick Here!
Ballistik20022002-2013Click Here!
Bane20122012Click Here!
Banished Wraith20172017-PresentClick Here!
Barbaric20092009-PresentJun ImaiClick Here!
Bass Boat20032003Click Here!
Bassline20052005-2013Glenn YuClick Here!
Bat-Pod20082008Click Here!
Batcopter20052005-PresentClick Here!
Batcycle20052005-2007Click Here!
Batman20122012Click Here!
Batman Begins Batmobile20052005-2012Click Here!
Batman Live Batmobile20132013Click Here!
Batmobile (I)
Also known as: 2004 Batmobile
20042004-2006,2015-PresentClick Here!
Batmobile (II)
Also known as: 1980's Batmobile
20042004Click Here!
Batmobile (III)
Also known as: Crooze Batmobile
20042004Jack ChenClick Here!
Batmobile (IV)
Also known as: Hardnoze Batmobile
20042004Dwayne VanceClick Here!
Batmobile (V)
Also known as: Brave & The Bold Batmobile
20102010Click Here!
Batmobile (VI)
Also known as: Arkham Asylum Batmobile
20112011Click Here!
Batmobile (VII)
Also known as: Arkham Knight Batmobile
20152015-PresentClick Here!
Battle Spec20052005-2011Greg PadgintonClick Here!
Battle Tank
Also known as: Command Tank
19841984-1996Larry WoodClick Here!
Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper20132013Click Here!
Batwing20162016-PresentClick Here!
Beach Blaster19791979-1987,1997Larry WoodClick Here!
Beach Bomb Pickup (Closed Bed)20062006-2007Larry WoodClick Here!
Beach Bomb Pickup (Open Bed)20072007-2011Larry WoodClick Here!
Beach Bomb Too (Rear Loading)20022002Click Here!
Beach Bomb Too (Side Loading)20032003-2007Click Here!
Beach Patrol
Also known as: Path Beater
19831983-2010Larry WoodClick Here!
Beaker20132013Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Beatles Yellow Submarine
Also known as: The Beatles Yellow Submarine
20162016-PresentClick Here!
Beatnik Bandit19681968,1993-1994,2003Click Here!
Bedlam20042004-2013Mike NuttallClick Here!
Bedtime20042004Larry WoodClick Here!
Bentley Continental Supersports20122012Click Here!
Big Bertha19751975-1996Larry WoodClick Here!
Big Chill19951995-2005Greg PadgintonClick Here!
Billboard Truck
Also known as: Heavyweights Billboard Truck
20062006-2008Ira GilfordClick Here!
Black Lightning
Also known as: Turbo Streak
19831983-1999Larry WoodClick Here!
Black Ranger20132013Click Here!
Blade Raider20162016-PresentClick Here!
Blast Lane20002000-2012Mark JonesClick Here!
Blastin' Buzz20102010Click Here!
Blastous (I)20052005-PresentPhil RiehlmanClick Here!
Blastous (II)
Also known as: Blastous Moto
20122012Click Here!
Blastous (III)
Also known as: Blastous II
20122012Click Here!
Blastous II20122012Click Here!
Blastous Moto20122012Click Here!
Blazer 4x419841984-1996Larry WoodClick Here!
Blimp19921992-2008Larry WoodClick Here!
Blings 1972 Plymouth Barracuda20042004Click Here!
Blings 67 Chevy II20052005Mike NuttallClick Here!
Blings Avalanche20042004-2005Mark JonesClick Here!
Blings Cadillac Escalade20042004Steve MoranClick Here!
Blings Chrysler 300C20052005-2006Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Blings Dairy Delivery20042004-2006Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Blings Dodge Magnum20052005Sei ChoClick Here!
Blings Hummer H220042004-2007Dave WeiseClick Here!
Blings Hummer H320052005-2007Rob MatthesClick Here!
Blings Hyperliner20042004-2006Fraser CampbellClick Here!
Blings Lotus Esprit20042004Fraser CampbellClick Here!
Blings Mercedes Benz G50020052005-2006Jonathan BedfordClick Here!
Blings Quadra Sound20052005-2006Larry WoodClick Here!
Blings Rocket Box20052005-PresentJun ImaiClick Here!
Blitzspeeder20162016-PresentClick Here!
Block O Wood20052005John HandyClick Here!
Blown Camaro19841984-2013Larry WoodClick Here!
Blown Delivery20102010-PresentPhil RiehlmanClick Here!
Blue Ranger20132013Click Here!
Blvd. Bruiser20112011-2014Click Here!
BMW 200220122012Click Here!
BMW 32319901990-1995Larry WoodClick Here!
BMW 325i19981997-1998Click Here!
BMW 850i (I)19911991-2001Larry WoodClick Here!
BMW 850i (II)19961996-1997Click Here!
BMW K 1300 R20142014Click Here!
BMW M Roadster19971997-2002Dave WeiseClick Here!
BMW M119831983-1996Larry WoodClick Here!
BMW M319961996-1997Click Here!
BMW M3 GT220122012Fraser CampbellClick Here!
BMW M420152015-PresentClick Here!
BMW Z4 M20122012Click Here!
Bon Voyage20062006-2008Nathan ProchClick Here!
Bone Shaker20062006-PresentLarry WoodClick Here!
Bone Shaker Hardtop20102010-2013Click Here!
Bone Speeder20162016-PresentClick Here!
Boom Box20032003-2014Click Here!
Boom Car20172017-PresentTyler CharestClick Here!
Boss Hoss Motorcycle20082008-2012Larry WoodClick Here!
Boss Hoss Mustang19701970-1984,2005-PresentIra GilfordClick Here!
Brabham Repco F119691969-1974Ira GilfordClick Here!
Brave & The Bold Batmobile20102010Click Here!
Bread Box20102010-2012Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
Breakaway Bucket19741974,2011Larry WoodClick Here!
Brick Cutter20042004-2005Dwayne VanceClick Here!
Brit Speed20092009-2011Jun ImaiClick Here!
Bronco 4 Wheeler
Also known as: Ford Bronco
19811981-2003Larry WoodClick Here!
Brutalistic20042004-2013Mark JonesClick Here!
Bubble Gunner19791979-1983Click Here!
Bucket O' Speed20112011Click Here!
Bugatti Veyron20032003-2010Click Here!
Bugeye19711971-1973Larry WoodClick Here!
Buick Grand National20072007-2011Jun ImaiClick Here!
Buick Regal Police Car19961996Click Here!
Buick Stocker19911991-1997Larry WoodClick Here!
Buick Wildcat19931993-2005Bruce BaurClick Here!
Bull Whip20152015-PresentClick Here!
Bulldozer19801980-1982,1990-1998Larry WoodClick Here!
Bullet Nose20052005Larry WoodClick Here!
Bullet Proof20132013Click Here!
Bulls Eye MHP20112011Click Here!
Bully Goat20052005-2014Dwayne VanceClick Here!
Bump Around20132013Click Here!
Burl-Esque20052005-2012Larry WoodClick Here!
Buster Tank20102010Click Here!
Buzz Bomb20072007-2014Alec TamClick Here!
Buzz Off (I)
Also known as: Tri-Baby
19701970-1977,2009Larry WoodClick Here!
Buzz Off (II)20042004-2006,2015-PresentJohn RealeClick Here!
Buzzerk20112011-PresentDave SheltmanClick Here!
Buzzkill20102010Jun ImaiClick Here!
Bye-Focal19711971-1973,2003-2011Larry WoodClick Here!
Bye-Focal II20092009-2014Rob MatthesClick Here!
Bywayman19791979-2003Larry WoodClick Here!
*Automatically calculated based on listings in database. May be incorrect if all versions of casting are not in database
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