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Name of CarYearYears Active*DesignerLink
'07 Chevy Tahoe20072007-PresentClick Here!
'07 Shelby GT-50020082008-2013Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'08 Ford Focus20082008-PresentMark JonesClick Here!
'08 Viper SRT10 ACR20102010-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'09 Audi TTS20102010Fraser CampbellClick Here!
'09 Cadillac CTS-V20102010-2011Josh HensonClick Here!
'09 Corvette Stingray Concept20102010-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'09 Corvette ZR120082008-2010Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'09 Ford Focus RS
Also known as: Ford Focus RS
20102010-PresentClick Here!
'10 Aston Martin DBS20102010Click Here!
'10 BMW M320112011Click Here!
'10 Camaro SS20092009-PresentClick Here!
'10 Ford Shelby GT50020102010-2012Click Here!
'10 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake20112011-PresentClick Here!
'10 Infiniti G3720102010-2011Click Here!
'10 Pro Stock Camaro
Also known as: Custom '10 Camaro SS
20102010-PresentClick Here!
'10 Toyota Tundra20122012Click Here!
'11 Corvette Grand Sport20112011Click Here!
'11 Dodge Charger R/T20112011-PresentClick Here!
'11 Ken Block Ford Fiesta
Also known as: '12 Ford Fiesta
20112011-2012Click Here!
'12 Acura NSX Concept20132013Click Here!
'12 Camaro ZL120122012-PresentClick Here!
'12 Corvette Z0620122012Click Here!
'12 Ford Fiesta20112011-2012Click Here!
'12 Lamborghini Aventador20122012-PresentClick Here!
'12 Mini Countryman Rally20132013Click Here!
'13 COPO Camaro20142014-PresentBrendon VetuskeyClick Here!
'13 Ford Mustang GT20132013Click Here!
'14 COPO Camaro
Also known as: '13 COPO Camaro
20142014-PresentBrendon VetuskeyClick Here!
'14 Corvette Stingray Convertible20142014-PresentClick Here!
'15 Dodge Challenger SRT20152015-PresentBrendon VetuskeyClick Here!
'15 Dodge Charger SRT20162016-PresentBrendon VetuskeyClick Here!
'15 Ford F-15020152015-PresentClick Here!
'15 Jaguar F-Type Project 720152015-PresentClick Here!
'15 Mazda MX-5 Miata20162016-PresentRyu AsadaClick Here!
'16 Camaro SS20162016-PresentBrendon VetuskeyClick Here!
'16 Ford Focus RS20162016-PresentClick Here!
'17 Acura NSX20162016-PresentRyu AsadaClick Here!
'17 Ford F-150 Raptor20162016-PresentClick Here!
'17 Ford GT20162016-PresentMark JonesClick Here!
'27 Miller20042004Click Here!
'29 Ford Pickup20092009-2010Larry WoodClick Here!
'31 Doozie19771977-2003Larry WoodClick Here!
'32 Ford Coupe19981998-PresentGary SafferClick Here!
'32 Ford Delivery19891989-2012Larry WoodClick Here!
'32 Ford Vicky19691969,1994-PresentIra GilfordClick Here!
'33 Ford Roadster19971997-2009Greg PadgintonClick Here!
'34 Dodge Delivery20122012Click Here!
'34 Ford20042004-2010Larry WoodClick Here!
'34 Ford Sedan20102010Larry WoodClick Here!
'36 Ford Coupe19691969,2005-2011Ira GilfordClick Here!
'37 Bugatti19811981-2006Larry WoodClick Here!
'38 Dodge Airflow20122012Click Here!
'38 Phantom Corsair19991999-2003Mark JonesClick Here!
'40 Ford Convertible20072007-2009Click Here!
'40 Ford Coupe20022002-2009Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'40 Ford Truck19981998-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'40's Woodie19801980-2010Larry WoodClick Here!
'40s Ford 2-Door
Also known as: Fat Fendered '40
19831983-2009Larry WoodClick Here!
'41 Willys (I)20002000-PresentPhil RiehlmanClick Here!
'41 Willys (II)
Also known as: Custom '41 Willys Coupe
20092009-2011Larry WoodClick Here!
'48 Ford20132013Click Here!
'48 Ford Super De Luxe20142014-PresentClick Here!
'49 Drag Merc20102010-2011Click Here!
'49 Ford C.O.E.20102006-2010Click Here!
'49 Ford F-120132013Click Here!
'49 Merc Convertible20042004-2012Larry WoodClick Here!
'50s Chevy Truck20062006-2012Larry WoodClick Here!
'51 Le Sabre Concept20102010Click Here!
'52 Chevy Truck20072007-2011Larry WoodClick Here!
'52 Hudson Hornet20122012Click Here!
'55 Chevy19821982-2001Larry WoodClick Here!
'55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser20132013Click Here!
'55 Chevy Panel20062006-2010Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'55 Lincoln Futura Concept20122012Click Here!
'56 Chevy20082008-2010Click Here!
'56 Chevy Nomad20062006-2008Larry WoodClick Here!
'56 Flashsider19921992-2010Larry WoodClick Here!
'56 Flashsider Lifted20102010-2011Click Here!
'56 Ford Panel Truck19991999-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'56 Hi-Tail Hauler
Also known as: Hi-Tail Hauler
19771977-1987,2009Click Here!
'56 Merc20072007-2010Larry WoodClick Here!
'57 Buick20072007-2010Larry WoodClick Here!
'57 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham20022002-2009Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'57 Chevy19771977-2011Larry WoodClick Here!
'57 Chevy Bel-Air20042004-2010Larry WoodClick Here!
'57 Chevy Bel-Air Convertible20062006-2009Larry WoodClick Here!
'57 Chrysler 30020102010Click Here!
'57 Nomad20052005Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'57 Roadster20012001-2004Mike NuttallClick Here!
'57 T-Bird (I)19781978-2009Larry WoodClick Here!
'57 T-Bird (II)19961996-1997Click Here!
'58 Corvette Coupe19951990-2012Larry WoodClick Here!
'58 Edsel20092009-2010Larry WoodClick Here!
'58 Ford Thunderbird20042004-2009Click Here!
'58 Impala20072007-2011Larry WoodClick Here!
'58 Plymouth Belvedere20132013Click Here!
'59 Cadillac19911991-2008Larry WoodClick Here!
'59 Cadillac Funny Car20092009-2010Larry WoodClick Here!
'59 Chevy Delivery20102010-2011Click Here!
'59 Chevy Impala19971997-2002Larry WoodClick Here!
'61 Impala20122012Click Here!
'62 Corvette20092009Larry WoodClick Here!
'62 Ford Mustang Concept20102010Alec TamClick Here!
'63 Chevy II20162016-PresentClick Here!
'63 Chevy Impala20042004-2011Click Here!
'63 Chevy Nova20092009Click Here!
'63 Chrysler Turbine20122012Click Here!
'63 Corvette19801980-2011Larry WoodClick Here!
'63 Mustang II Concept20112011-PresentClick Here!
'63 Plymouth Belvedere 426 Max Wedge20112011Click Here!
'63 Studebaker Champ20112011Click Here!
'63 T-Bird19981998-2011Mark JonesClick Here!
'64 Buick Riviera20022002-2012Eric TscherneClick Here!
'64 Chevy Chevelle SS20122012Click Here!
'64 Chevy Nova Station Wagon20132013Click Here!
'64 Corvette Stingray20072007-2012Larry WoodClick Here!
'64 Dodge 33020072007Larry WoodClick Here!
'64 Ford Falcon Sprint20072007-2009Larry WoodClick Here!
'64 GMC Panel20102010-2011Click Here!
'64 Lincoln Continental (I)20002000-2012Michael KollinsClick Here!
'64 Lincoln Continental (II)20072007-2010Jun ImaiClick Here!
'64 Pontiac GTO20062006-2011Larry WoodClick Here!
'65 Chevelle Malibu20072007-2013Larry WoodClick Here!
'65 Corvette20002000-2010Mark JonesClick Here!
'65 Dodge Coronet20092009Click Here!
'65 Ford Galaxie20112011Click Here!
'65 Ford Ranchero20112011-2013Click Here!
'65 Impala19981998-2009Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'65 Mercury Comet Cyclone20112011-2012Click Here!
'65 Mustang Convertible19841984-PresentLarry WoodClick Here!
'65 Mustang Fastback
Also known as: Ford Mustang Fastback
20082008-PresentAlec TamClick Here!
'65 Pontiac GTO20042004-2011Larry WoodClick Here!
'65 Volkswagen Fastback20082008-2010Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'66 Batmobile20072007-2012Click Here!
'66 Chevelle20112011Click Here!
'66 Chevy Nova20072007-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'66 Dodge A10020102010-2011Click Here!
'66 Ford Fairlane GT20092009-2010Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'66 Super Nova20122012Click Here!
'67 Austin Mini Van20122012Click Here!
'67 Camaro19831983,1991-2010Larry WoodClick Here!
'67 Chevelle SS 39620102010-2011Brendon VetuskeyClick Here!
'67 Chevy C1020132013Click Here!
'67 Custom Ford Mustang Coupe20112011Click Here!
'67 Custom Mustang20102010-2011Click Here!
'67 Dodge Charger20002000-2012Dave WeiseClick Here!
'67 Ford Bronco20112011Click Here!
'67 Mustang
Also known as: '68 Mustang
19981997-2008Click Here!
'67 Oldsmobile 44220112011Click Here!
'67 Plymouth Belvedere GTX20142014-PresentClick Here!
'67 Plymouth GTX20102010Click Here!
'67 Pontiac Firebird 40020102010-2011Brendon VetuskeyClick Here!
'67 Pontiac GTO19971997-2010Mark JonesClick Here!
'67 Shelby GT-500 (I)20082008-2010Jun ImaiClick Here!
'67 Shelby GT500 (II)20102010-2012Kevin CaoClick Here!
'68 COPO Camaro20112011Click Here!
'68 Corvette - Gas Monkey Garage20172017-PresentClick Here!
'68 Dodge Dart20042004-2011Larry WoodClick Here!
'68 El Camino20002000-PresentPhil RiehlmanClick Here!
'68 Mercury Cougar (I)20022002-PresentPhil RiehlmanClick Here!
'68 Mercury Cougar (II)20142014-PresentClick Here!
'68 Mustang19981997-2008Click Here!
'68 Olds 44220082008-2011Jun ImaiClick Here!
'68 Olds Cutlass Convertible20132013Click Here!
'68 Plymouth Barracuda20062006-2010Larry WoodClick Here!
'68 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S20132013Click Here!
'68 Shelby GT50020132013Click Here!
'69 Brawner Hawk20042004Rob MatthesClick Here!
'69 Camaro20072007-PresentPhil RiehlmanClick Here!
'69 Camaro Convertible20062006-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'69 Camaro Z28
Also known as: Tooned 1969 Camaro Z28
20042004-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'69 Charger Funny Car20092009Click Here!
'69 Chevelle20052005-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'69 Chevelle (II)20082008-2010Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'69 COPO Corvette20112011-2012Click Here!
'69 Corvette Racer20162016-PresentMark JonesClick Here!
'69 Dodge Charger 50020152015-PresentPhil RiehlmanClick Here!
'69 Dodge Charger Daytona20132013Click Here!
'69 Dodge Coronet Super Bee20082008-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'69 Ford Mustang20072007-PresentJun ImaiClick Here!
'69 Ford Torino Talladega20082008-2011Alec TamClick Here!
'69 Mercury Cougar Eliminator20092009-2011Rob MatthesClick Here!
'69 Mercury Cyclone20122012Click Here!
'69 Pontiac GTO20052005-2013Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'69 Shelby GT-50020112011-2012Click Here!
'70 Buick GSX20092009-2010Jun ImaiClick Here!
'70 Camaro Funny Car20092009Click Here!
'70 Camaro Road Race20112011Click Here!
'70 Chevelle SS Wagon20092009-2010Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'70 Chevy Blazer20112011Click Here!
'70 Chevy Chevelle SS20132013Click Here!
'70 Dodge Charger (II)20172017-PresentBrendon VetuskeyClick Here!
'70 Dodge Charger R/T20112011-PresentClick Here!
'70 Dodge Power Wagon20112011Click Here!
'70 Firebird T/A20072007-2012Rob MatthesClick Here!
'70 Ford Escort RS160020152015-PresentFraser CampbellClick Here!
'70 Ford Mustang Boss 30220112011Click Here!
'70 Ford Torino20082008-2009Larry WoodClick Here!
'70 Hemi Challenger20062006-2010Phil RIehlmanClick Here!
'70 Monte Carlo20092009-2011Larry WoodClick Here!
'70 Nova20082008Larry WoodClick Here!
'70 Oldsmobile 44220132013Click Here!
'70 Plymouth AAR Cuda20092009-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'70 Plymouth Barracuda Funny Car20092009Click Here!
'70 Plymouth Duster Funny Car20092009Click Here!
'70 Pontiac GTO20082008-2011Jun ImaiClick Here!
'70 Pontiac GTO Judge20112011Click Here!
'70 Toyota Celica20132013Click Here!
'70s Van
Also known as: Super Van
19751975-1985,2003-2010Larry WoodClick Here!
'71 AMC Javelin20112011Click Here!
'71 Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon20132013Jun ImaiClick Here!
'71 Dodge Challenger20112011Click Here!
'71 Dodge Charger20102010-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'71 Dodge Demon20092009-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'71 El Camino20102010Click Here!
'71 Ford Mustang
Also known as: 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1
20102010-2011Click Here!
'71 HEMI Cuda20122012Click Here!
'71 Maverick Grabber20102010-2012Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
'71 Mustang Boss 351
Also known as: 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1
20102010-2011Click Here!
'71 Plymouth Road Runner20122012Click Here!
'71 Plymouth Satellite20132013Click Here!
'72 Ford Gran Torino Sport20112011Brendon VetuskeyClick Here!
'72 Ford Ranchero20092009-PresentLarry WoodClick Here!
'72 Plymouth Duster
Also known as: Plymouth Duster Thruster
20072007-2011Click Here!
'73 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car20162016-PresentFraser CampbellClick Here!
'73 Ford Falcon XB20102010Click Here!
'73 Ford Gran Torino
Also known as: Torino Stocker
19751975-1986Larry WoodClick Here!
'73 Plymouth Duster20112011Click Here!
'73 Pontiac Firebird20122012Click Here!
'74 Chevy Vega Funny Car20092009Click Here!
'74 Chevy Vega Pro Stock20112011Click Here!
'75 Chevy Monza Funny Car20102010Click Here!
'75 Kenworth W90020132013Click Here!
'76 Chevy Monza20122012Click Here!
'76 Ford Gran Torino20162016-PresentClick Here!
'76 Greenwood Corvette20122012Click Here!
'77 Corvette Funny Car20092009-2010Click Here!
'77 Packin' Pacer
Also known as: Packin' Pacer
19781978-1984Click Here!
'77 Plymouth Arrow Funny Car (I)19781978-1986Click Here!
'77 Plymouth Arrow Funny Car (II)20102010Click Here!
'77 Pontiac Firebird20082008Jun ImaiClick Here!
'77 Pontiac Firebird Funny Car20102010Click Here!
'78 Ford Mustang II20122012Click Here!
'78 Porsche 935/7820122012Click Here!
'79 Ford Pick Up19991999-2003Lena BartokClick Here!
'80 El Camino20082008-2011Jun ImaiClick Here!
'80s Camaro Z-28
Also known as: Blown Camaro
19841984-2013Larry WoodClick Here!
'80s Corvette19831983-2009Larry WoodClick Here!
'80s Firebird19831983-1996Larry WoodClick Here!
'81 Camaro20122012Brendon VetuskeyClick Here!
'81 DeLorean DMC-1220102010-2012Manson CheungClick Here!
'81 Ford Fairmont19821982-1986,1995Larry WoodClick Here!
'82 Corvette Stingray19961996,2006Larry WoodClick Here!
'82 Supra19831983-1984,1993Larry WoodClick Here!
'83 Chevy Silverado20082008-2011Jun ImaiClick Here!
'83 Silverado 4x420122012Click Here!
'84 Hurst Olds20122012Click Here!
'84 Mustang SVO20122012Click Here!
'84 Pontiac20042004-2010Click Here!
'85 Chevy Astro Van20132013Click Here!
'85 Ford Bronco20132013Click Here!
'86 Ford Thunderbird Pro Stock20122012Click Here!
'86 Monte Carlo SS20102010Click Here!
'90 Acura NSX20152015-PresentClick Here!
'90 T-Bird
Also known as: T-Bird Stocker (II)
19941994-2005Click Here!
'92 BMW M320122012Click Here!
'92 Ford Mustang20082008-2011Jun ImaiClick Here!
'95 Camaro Convertible19951995-2004Michael KollinsClick Here!
'96 Mustang19961996-2003Michael KollinsClick Here!
'96 Nissan 180SX Type X20152015-PresentDmitriy ShakhmatovClick Here!
'97 Corvette19971997-2012Dave WeiseClick Here!
'99 Mustang19991999-2009Mark JonesClick Here!
'Vette Van19801980-1983Click Here!
1/4 Mile Coupe20032003-2011Click Here!
16 Angels20042004-PresentNathan ProchClick Here!
1931 Ford Woody
Also known as: Classic '31 Ford Woody
19691969,2012Ira GilfordClick Here!
1933 Ford Lo Boy20042004-2009Click Here!
1934 Chrysler Airflow20122012Click Here!
1935 Cadillac19821982-2009Larry WoodClick Here!
1936 Cord19991999-2005Greg PadgintonClick Here!
1937 Ford Woody20062006-2012Larry WoodClick Here!
1947 Chevy Fleetline20042004-2009Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
1951 GMC C.O.E.20112011Click Here!
1955 Chevy Bel-Air20062006-2011Larry WoodClick Here!
1955 Corvette20122012Click Here!
1957 Plymouth Fury20052005-PresentClick Here!
1959 Chevy Bel-Air19971997-2009Larry WoodClick Here!
1959 Chevy Truck
Also known as: Hardnoze 1959 Chevy Truck
20042004Jonathan BedfordClick Here!
1962 Chevy 409 Bubble Top20042004-2009Larry WoodClick Here!
1963 Aston Martin DB5
Also known as: Aston Martin 1963 DB5
20142014-PresentFraser CampbellClick Here!
1964 Chevy Impala20042004-2010Dave WeiseClick Here!
1964 Ford Galaxie 500XL20072007-2009Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
1965 Mustang Hardtop20062006-2011Larry WoodClick Here!
1965 Pontiac Bonneville20032003-2009Click Here!
1967 Camaro Convertible20062006-2011Larry WoodClick Here!
1967 Plymouth0,2003Click Here!
1967 Pontiac GTO Convertible20072007-2012Larry WoodClick Here!
1968 Mustang
Also known as: Tooned 1968 Mustang
20032003-2012Click Here!
1968 Nova20042004-2013Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
1969 Dodge Charger20042004-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
1969 Pontiac Firebird T/A20052005-2011Dave WeiseClick Here!
1970 Camaro RS20062006-2009Larry WoodClick Here!
1970 Chevelle Convertible20062006-PresentPhil RiehlmanClick Here!
1970 Chevelle SS19991999-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
1970 Dodge Charger
Also known as: Tooned 1970 Dodge Charger Daytona
20032003-2010Click Here!
1970 Dodge Charger Daytona19961996-2003Michael KollinsClick Here!
1970 Mercury Cyclone20042004-2005Click Here!
1970 Mustang Mach 1
Also known as: Mustang Mach 1
19981998-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
1970 Plymouth Barracuda19971997-2012Dave WeiseClick Here!
1970 Plymouth Roadrunner (I)19981998-2010Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
1970 Plymouth Roadrunner (II)20082008Jun ImaiClick Here!
1970 Plymouth Superbird20062006-2013Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
1971 Buick Riviera20052005-2011Dave WeiseClick Here!
1971 Ford Mustang Mach 120102010-2011Click Here!
1971 Mustang Funny Car20042004-2012Click Here!
1971 Plymouth GTX20012001-2012Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
1972 Dodge Charger20042004-2007Click Here!
1974 Brazilian Dodge Charger20142014-PresentPhil RiehlmanClick Here!
1976 Chevy Chevette20132013Click Here!
1978 Dodge Red Express Truck20122012Click Here!
1980 Dodge Macho Power Wagon20142014-PresentBrendon VetuskeyClick Here!
1980's Batmobile20042004Click Here!
1982 Dodge Rampage19841984-1986Larry WoodClick Here!
1985 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z20122012-2013Click Here!
1985 Honda CR-X20122012Click Here!
1987 Toyota Pickup20122012Click Here!
1988 Jeep Wagoneer20132013Click Here!
1990 Honda Civic EF20142014-PresentRyu AsadaClick Here!
1993 Camaro19931993-1999Ed WattsClick Here!
1994 BMW E36 M3 Race20142014-PresentClick Here!
1999 Isuzu Vehicross20002000-2004Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
2 Cool
Also known as: Hardnoze 2 Cool
20042004-2005Larry WoodClick Here!
2000 Monte Carlo0,2002Click Here!
2001 B Engineering Edonis20042004-2006Mark JonesClick Here!
2001 Mini Cooper20022002-2009Click Here!
2002 Autonomy Concept
Also known as: GM Autonomy Concept
20032003-2008Click Here!
2003 Monte Carlo Stocker20032003,2011Click Here!
2004 Batmobile20042004-2006,2015-PresentClick Here!
2004 Mustang GT Concept20042004-PresentDave WeiseClick Here!
2005 Ford Mustang20162016-PresentFraser CampbellClick Here!
2005 Ford Mustang GT20052005-2010Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept Car20052005-PresentMark JonesClick Here!
2006 Dodge Viper Coupe20062006-2010Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
2007 Cadillac Escalade20062006-2011Click Here!
2008 Lancer Evolution20082008-PresentJohn VioletteClick Here!
2008 Tesla Roadster20082008-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
2009 Ford F-15020092009-2012John VioletteClick Here!
2009 Nissan GT-R20092009-2010Kevin CaoClick Here!
2010 Chevy Impala
Also known as: Danica Patrick 2010 Chevy Impala
20112011Click Here!
2010 Ford Mustang GT20092009-PresentClick Here!
2011 Indycar Oval Course Race Car20122012Click Here!
2012 Aston Martin Vantage GT3
Also known as: Aston Martin Vantage GT3
20152015-PresentClick Here!
2012 Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca20122012-2013Click Here!
2012 Volkswagen Beetle20122012Click Here!
2013 Hot Wheels Chevy Camaro Special Edition20132013Click Here!
2013 SRT Viper20122012Click Here!
2014 Aston Martin DB10
Also known as: Aston Martin DB10
20162016-PresentClick Here!
2014 Corvette Stingray20132013-PresentClick Here!
2014 Custom Mustang20142014-PresentClick Here!
2015 Ford Mustang GT20142014-PresentClick Here!
2015 Ford Mustang GT Convertible20172017-PresentEric HanClick Here!
2016 Ford GT Race20172017-PresentRyu AsadaClick Here!
2017 Camaro ZL120172017-PresentClick Here!
24 Ours20112011-2012Click Here!
24/Seven20032003-2013Click Here!
25th Anniversary Lamborghini Countach19971997-2013Dave WeiseClick Here!
3 Window '3419801980-2006Larry WoodClick Here!
3-Squealer20122012Click Here!
360 Modena
Also known as: Ferrari 360 Modena (I)
19991999-2010Michael KollinsClick Here!
365 GTS4 Daytona Spider
Also known as: Ferrari 365 GTS4
20092009-2010John VioletteClick Here!
40 Somethin'20022002-2008Eric TscherneClick Here!
442 Much19791979-1984Click Here!
4ward Speed20122012Click Here!
5 Alarm20092009-2012Kevin CaoClick Here!
501st Clone Trooper20142014-PresentJeff AllisonClick Here!
60's Fiat 500D Modificado20172017-PresentClick Here!
69 Corvette ZL-120062006-2011Phil RiehlmanClick Here!
8 Crate20032003-2010Click Here!
8 Crate Delivery20102010Click Here!
*Automatically calculated based on listings in database. May be incorrect if all versions of casting are not in database
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